Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization – TWSHO


On June 15, TWSHO created and began to implement an objective, science-based inspection initiative to swab the pasterns of horses in competition in order to detect substances that harm the horse or mask substances that have harmed the horse.

This season, we are funding the program fully, so that there’s no cost to the exhibitor, horse show, or stakeholder.

TWSHO worked with the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association to launch this swabbing program, and all four performance Horse Industry Organizations (HIOs) have committed to participate.

Our swabbing program currently is focusing on two primary areas of concern:

  1. Masking agents intended to interfere with the inspection process
  2. Caustic agents applied to a horse’s pastern for the purpose of affecting its gait

It is intended to protect the welfare of the horse, as well as enhance Horse Protection Act enforcement, by focusing its screening on substances intended to mask inspections or alter the horse’s gait – not legitimate substances used for equine care and treatment or environmental contaminants which have no negative impact on the horse.

After data has been collected and sent to the lab, results of the initiative will continually be released as soon as they are available.  The names of abusers are posted below:

Name WHTA License Suspension Term WHTA License Suspension Dates
Daniel, Michael 4 weeks 7/30/12 – 8/27/12
Hardin, Brent 2 weeks 8/13/12 – 8/27/12