Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization – TWSHO



Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO) was created by a group of concerned individuals committed to reforming the walking show horse industry to protect the wellbeing of walking horses, while maintaining the integrity of the sport.  We are an inclusive organization, not exclusive based on past history and not owned by Celebration, TWHBEA, WHOA, WHTA, or any HIO.

The recent events of criminal indictments, misinformation campaigns, and foreign substance information have decimated the reputation of the walking show horse industry, including those who treat their horses humanely and have been doing everything in compliance with the Horse Protection Act.  The vast majority of owners and trainers love walking horses and put their wellbeing above all else.  And the actions of a few have undermined the good intentions and actions of the super majority.

For far too long, the industry has not followed through on its talk of reform with real action.  We understand that, if we don’t rid the industry of its few soring trainers, there will be no industry in the near future.

Already we have made major strides to reform the system, including creating the most aggressive inspection system in the business and instituting serious punishments for those who break the rules.  And we will not be satisfied until the entire industry is fully compliant with all federal regulations and truly consistent with our love for horses.